Vintage chairs are a passion of mine. For years I have loved chairs, not purely on an aesthetic level but also for their silent, dependable functionality.

Reloved Upholstery was born because of this love of chairs, luxurious fabrics and interior design.

Part of the excitement of restoring and upholstering a vintage chair, is discovering its history.  When I strip-back a newly discovered piece, or a family heirloom that has been entrusted to me. I get a tingle of excitement as I begin peeling back the layers of upholstery and stripping back paint, varnish and years of dirt.

Each chair reveals its own story. The signatures of master framebuilders, long lost curios such as dusty old sixpences. Or even hand-scrawled notes stuffed into the depths of the chair. Each hint at where the piece has come from, and I find this endlessly fascinating… read more

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