Concrete Planter workshop

Together, we will create our concrete mix firstly for making a contemporary candle holder and set it to dry. During this stage, I will teach the basics of concrete mixing and show examples of planters and tea-lights moulds that you can make at home using DIY materials.

After that, we will choose a pre-made planter from our newest models and learn the finishing touches such as hand sanding and decorating with acrylic paints in a way how you want it personalised. The final stage is planting a cute succulent or a cactus to our planters!

In the end, each guest will have one beautiful planter with a succulent/cacti and one candle holder still be in the mould. You can finish the candle holder in the mould after the concrete sets in 24hrs as you learned in the workshop.

Aprons and gloves are supplied in the workshop, but it is suggested to avoid wearing clothes that you are afraid of getting slightly dirty, in the event of a spill or accident.

You are able to purchase additional concrete planters, moulds, candle holders, ornaments or concrete letters as well.


Included in the price:

Approximately 2 hours of workshop time with all the required materials and equipment

One beautiful planter with a succulent/cacti + a candle holder is curing in the mould (or de-moulded)

Coffee and Tea will be available for attendees


Please click here to book your place.


Sunday 12th October


2:30 – 4:30pm





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